Purpose and Goals

Purpose and Goals of the ASABE Student Branch


The Purpose
  • To provide an increased understanding of the field of engineering as it pertains to agricultural and biological systems.
  • Be a focal point for engineering students within our department
  • Develop and strengthen the department, enrich the competence of the students and promote teamwork and professionalism
  • Be a resource for the future direction of the students
  • Be proactive and contemporary in addressing issues in our field of studies
  • Always adhere to the understanding that this is a dynamic organization


The Goals
1. Maintain Membership and Meeting Attendance Numbers
2. Improve Organization
  • Weekly officer meetings properly plan and coordinate events and meetings
  • Appoint committees with specific objective have committee reports at meetings
  • Delegate more responsibilities to Club Officers and Representatives
  • Participate in Regional and National ASABE Competitions
3. Continue Communication Procedures
  • Send e-mails to all department students regarding meetings
  • Have posters printed for each meeting
  • Make suggestion box for the club aware to members
  • Update club bulletin board in Weaver Labs
4. Continue Active Club Board
  • Keep a list of branch goals, officers, calendar of events, etc.
  • Have group pictures and pictures of activities
5. Follow Through on Fundraising Activities
  • Have a fund raising committee
  • Choose 1 – 2 fundraising projects per semester like, sales of T shirts, soda cans, garden plants, boxed sweetpotatoes, or lawnmower tune-up clinic
6. Continue and Increase Branch Activities
  • Have at least one industry tour semester
  • Have a fall and spring cookout and at least one other social event, like a bowling night, park trip, NCSU arts or athletic event, attend regional and national competitions / rally, take an industry related tour, plan
7. Continue and Increase Service Commitments
8. Continue to Have a High Level of Speakers for Meetings